Sequel Pro


Sequel Pro: an interface to work with SQL from your Mac


  • Manage SQL data bases.
  • A great connectivity, both local as remote.
  • MIT license (for free)


  • It doesn’t have so much functions as some paying programs.

Sequel Pro is a great way to work with data bases on your Mac because this is a program that supports SQL and CSV at the same time that includes a compatibility module with MySQL. Basically, Sequel Pro is a great work interface, which integrates very well with Apache Web Server and PHP included on Mac OS, in addition to work perfectly with Python, Ruby and BASH.

What can you do with Sequel Pro? It’s simple: adding data to a data base; to unite data bases; to filter, visualize and eliminate files and columns. Also is possible to create and edit queries by an interface that emphasizes the syntaxes and completes automatically the key words.

When someone says that a program ‘has a great interface’ more of it has to be with what the program does. Sequel Pro hasn’t an interface designed to seduce those who know nothing about SQL, but it’s thought for those who already work with data bases can perform a lot better. In that way, Sequel Pro stands out because it has a useful tool to get connected quickly with any data base, so you will save a lot of time and you could simplify the creation of complex enquires.

Sequel Pro is for free, because this is about part of the project CocoaMySQL and it has a MIT license. In summary: a great functions summary and also for free. Download Sequel Pro!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.1.2 Build 4541

Size 10.14 MB

Other versions

1.1.2 Build 4541 Build 4500