SereneScreen Marine Aquarium


SereneScreen Marine Aquarium

This screensaver turns your OS X desktop into a virtual aquarium. You can choose from several kinds of tropical fish that swim around the desktop of your Mac. These fish are actual 3D models, not flat images dragged accross the screen. Lighting effects simulate the sun as it passes through the tank, a realistic-looking starfish very slowly moves around the tank, and an air pump produces realistic-looking bubbles if your graphics card can support it. This version features a new user interface plus five new fish for a total of 26. Marine Aquarium converts your PC into a realistic aquarium, where you choose the number of fish, their type, the light, the aquarium seabed etc. Marine Aquarium recreates all the sounds of a real aquarium, like the sounds of bubbles. It`s a screensaver not only beautiful but relaxing.
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Type Shareware

Version 3.1

Size 3.4 MB

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