Freely download songs and lyrics with Shazam, and sing along

Shazam is a song recognition application that allows you discover fresh music, TV shows, brands etc. and share your music on Facebook. Now you can freely download songs and sing along, as this software plays the lyrics for you on your device. Also, within seconds, you can get information such as the name of the track and artist.

Shazam for Android gives you access to over 30,000 of the most popular Shazam´d tracks, with an unlimited amount of tagging, which is really fast. Furthermore, you can also get the premium account, Shazam Encore, which gives you constant recommendations and completely removes ad-banners.

Shazam Features:

• Stream videos from YouTube and song lyrics
• Listen to your tagged music in Spotify
• Get latest updates on artists
• Share on Facebook and Twitter
• Can use this app without any signal
• Discover new music in Shazam friends and charts
• Easy tagging

Shazam limitations:

• Need to download the Encore premium account to completely remove ad-banners

Instructions for installing on Android

The installer that you download contains an APK file that runs on Android phones. For this reason, you must transfer it to the phone via USB cable or any other type of connection. Once copied to the phone memory, you just have to open the file from the file manager and install it. Ready, now you can enjoy your program or game.
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Type Freeware

Version 6.4.0

Size 28.17 MB

Other versions

6.4.0 5.7.0 6.3.0 6.1.1 5.12.2