Agility is a very valued feature when performing our daily work. To shorten distances and to improve the speed of access to certain utilities and Web pages, the creators of SideSlide put to our disposal its benefits so that we can achieve a total direct access.

Using SideSlidewe will be able to make all types of shortcuts and determine them according to our order of priority. Once we have applied the functions of this tool, all the files, directories and other elements we need will be always available from the Desktop or our PC.

Besides, SideSlide has an outstanding interface design which has a beautiful appearance and much accessibility. In it, we will be able to include all the shortcuts we wish, in such a way that the most active ones will be differentiated from the ones we use less frequently.
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Type Freeware

Version 3.5.00

Size 362 B

Other versions

3.5.00 3.0.03