Signal Booster


A good app designed to boost connectivity and reception on cellular devices


  • Improves your mobile coverage


  • Does not work well in all locations

Does it bother you to be somewhere and not have the adequate mobile coverage to connect to the Internet or even make a call? Signal Booster is an Android application that greatly improves your signal and coverage no matter where you are.

The application brilliantly improves your mobile coverage in places that hinder connectivity problems or poor call reception. The app achieves a connection with the strongest cell tower closest to you. Working with EDGE, GPRS, 3G and 4G it both resets data connections and increases the speed of those connections.

After installation, add the ‘Improve Signal’ button to your home-screen. Press the button and wait at least 20 seconds. After this time has elapsed you should test to see if there has been an improvement. Usually you will have a much better connection while online and on the phone. However if there is no dramatic difference, or it doesn’t seem to work at all, then you must be in a very far off and secluded area.

You should definitely download and try Signal Booster and see if it covers you in remote locations.

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Type Freeware

Version 5.33

Size 692.74 kB

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