Simple Sticky Notes


You can’t be expected to remember everything. For that, there’s Simple Sticky Notes


  • Create and post virtual ‘post-its’ on your computer.
  • Supports unicode characters.
  • Extremely personalizable.


  • Lacks synchronization between other devices.

Even though it’s the name of a brand, ‘post-it’ is one of those words that is so commonly-used and recognized that it has become the name for the thing itself. Those little sticky bits of paper we use for a reminder, to make a shopping list, or to display an upcoming appointments. Now, with Simple Sticky Notes, you can do the same but in Windows, in a neat way without paper crammed around the edge of your screen.

A good invention made even better

Few ideas have been simpler and more useful that post-it notes. Even so,  Simple Sticky Notes makes them even better, adding a number of features that make for a more personalized experience. It’s possible to create an infinite number of them, with the advantage of being able to change the colors to your taste.

In addition, Simple Sticky Notes has the option to add alarms to make your reminders a little bit more ‘alive’ (you’re not just writing ‘take the dog to the vet’, but also telling it when). You can also search for any event in Google, insert the date, access it directly from the URL, and more.

Manage your post-its

Simple Sticky Notes resolves another important question: what do to when the desktop is full of post-it notes? To start with, it’s possible to post the notes wherever you want, as well as changing its transparency and more. Additionally, it’s also possible to ask the program to hide all the notes you don’t want to see immediately, as well as delete those that you don’t need any more.

Want to go back and see a hidden note or get back those that you’ve deleted? Easy: Simple Sticky Notes has an explorer through which it’s possible to go through everything you’ve written with the program, so you can edit, delete, restore—basically do as you see fit. It would be great if Simple Sticky Notes has the option to synchronize between devices, but perhaps that’s one for a future update. For the moment, this is a great solution for those of us who have a memory like a colander.

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Type Freeware

Version 4.3

Size 1.77 MB

Other versions

4.3 4.2 4.1 4.0 3.6.1