Sims 3: Seasons


Sims 3: Seasons: the newest expansion in the Sims saga is here!

Come join the fun in Sims 3: Seasons, the newest expansion in the beloved simulation games saga! This time you’ll be in for a wonderful treat, since one of the most widely requested features is finally arriving to The Sims 3: all of the seasons of the year! Jump into new activities, try new clothes and objects and watch the weather change in this whole-new experience that will let you rediscover this classic.

See the seasons come and go

Of course, the biggest star in Sims 3: Seasons are the seasons themselves, which will have a huge impact on how the game develops and in how you Sims live. You’ll surely find this out for yourself when winter finally comes and you take your Sims out to play with the falling snowflakes, to build an igloo or to put together a likable snowman with the heart of, well, ice. Or maybe you’ll enjoy summer better, since you’ll be able to take your characters to a festival or to swim in the deep blue sea.

As you’re surely imagining right now, the possibilities here are endless, so most of the fun you’ll come across will be discovering what you can do (and when you can do it). And, believe me, you’ll find all kinds of weird and cool stuff in Seasons, especially when it comes to celebrations on any given month. In this way, you’ll party all night long and embrace the spirit of each holiday with all sorts of activities: from carving Jack o’ lanterns for the upcoming Halloween to preparing the fireworks for greeting the new year, there’s plenty to do here.

But, wait, for there’s more in Sims 3: Seasons waiting for you. As said above, the weather will change as each season arrive, and with them there are other things that come and go as well. In other words, you’ll find your wardrobe filled with all kinds of new possibilities, be it snow gear to face the freezing temperatures outside your house or colorful summer dresses to go down to the beach for a beautiful sunny day.

Finally, there are other major improvements in this Sims 3 expansions. One of the most noticeable ones are the new weather effects, which will provide the perfect setting for your Sims to enjoy Mother Nature in full. But this isn’t just a graphic detail but a whole new factor that will influence the entire gameplay: from tanning to getting scared by a lighting, your characters will be immersed in a world they’ve never seen before.

With tons of new objects (including furniture, decoration and miscellaneous stuff) and the possibility to witness and pilot an UFO, Sims 3: Seasons takes the simulation game you know and love and brings it to the next level, the most realistic one to date. And though the game has yet to be released, you can download the wallpaper pack we offer you to take a peek to what the game has to offer and to decorate your PC until the day it’s launched.
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