Vissually communicate and give directions with Skitch for Android

Skitch is Evernote´s graphic tool that enables you to communicate visually with friends, colleagues or anyone. Now, you can instantly take a photo or use a saved one on your Android device and then add shapes, text, lines, arrows and many more.

Skitch for Android also lets you take screenshots, mark up maps and even sketch something new. Thus, you can easily display an idea at work or even give directions to someone.

Skitch features:
• Improved integration with Evernote App and synchronization
• Zoom and crop images
• Annotate maps, WebPages and screenshots
• Show directions on maps
• Markup text with the highlighter tool
• Reposition and delete shapes, text and drawings at any time
• Share your work on any app that accepts images
• Pixelate portions of an image to show the focus point
• Easily explain ideas
Skitch icon

Type Freeware

Version 2.0.02

Size 3.94 MB

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