Skyforge is an amazing game in which action takes place in a distant planet called Aelion

Skyforge is an amazing game in which action takes place in a distant planet called Aelion. In this remote part of the galaxy lies a god known as Aeli, which protects the world from external threats. Thus, the inhabitants of Aelion have lived in peace for millennia, developing magic, technology and reaching immortality. However, a day Aeli disappears… and its then when begins your odyssey.

The Skyforge game system resembles that of many other games such as Diablo, where you have to point the mouse and click to perform an action. Anyway, Skyforge has some typical elements of console games that make it more fun and spectacular.

Nothing to say about your graphics: Skyforge is well above what usually games of its kind.

In Skyforge there are 13 kinds of different characters but, unlike other games, you do not have to choose a particular class: you can simply switch between them as the action elapses. At the very beginning, you only have 3 classes. As long as you raise your "prestige" Skyforge will unlock more classes.

"Prestige" is just an innovation that brings Skyforge. This game does not use the traditional system of experience and levels, but is a scale that combines your skill on the battlefield, solved searches and other statistics. This same prestige is that it will serve to unlock new skills and equipment for different characters.

Skyforge recalls that the goal is to become a worthy of the Order of the Guardians of Aelion super-powerful god. Get followers and earn prestige while having fun in Skyforge.

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