With Skype you can chat, hold video conferences, and call mobiles free from your PC


  • High transmission quality.
  • Chat, voice calling, and video calling.
  • Make calls to fixed numbers and mobiles all over the world.


  • The call quality depends on your internet connection.

If you were to think of free calling, it would be near impossible not to think about Skype, the program that revolutionized global communications and offered a completely free alternative to talk to people around the world.

Talk with your phone or via the PC with any other person that has Skype downloaded on their device; it’s an excellent reason to download and install it without any further hesitation.

Skype, free calls and video calls

Free calling exists, and it exists thanks to Skype, the program that some years ago stormed the world of communication when it proposed a completely free alternative in order to talk with other people across the world. Its service doesn’t just include calls, but also offers video calling as an option (also completely free). Skype also offers low prices for calls to fixed or mobile phone numbers.

Ideal for personal or professional use, the quality is always high, although It does, however, depend on the speed of your connection and the PC you use. It’s seen as such a consistent service that even business are using it as a standard program for communications.

It’s not all talk

We’ve so far only scratched the surface. The chat function is one of the most-used, because if its ease-of-use, speed, and the possibility of getting hold of other users on any device. With an option to create chat groups as well, Skype offers an impressive range of functions.

Another noteworthy part of the program is that it’s possible to share desktops with other users, particularly useful in professional and educational use as it allows you to run the software from a distance, or check a computer for repairs.

Talk with anyone, anywhere, for free and with high quality,.all possible thanks to Skype. If you, for whatever reason, don’t have it already, now’s the time to get it!

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