Sleeping Dogs


Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is an action game of considerable realism and very varied fighting sequences. You’ll enjoy brutal fights, a well-designed storyline and explicit violence, with a lot of gore and an excellent physics engine configuration.

A new world is open

Once you install it, you’ll discover a police drama like few others. You’ll meet the underworld first hand, in its crudest and most realistic facet ever achieved on the PC. What’s more, you won’t get into just any mafia: you’ll fight against savage, unknown and increasing Chinese triads.

Your character will be Wei Shen, a promising young policeman, assigned to become a double agent. As an undercover agent, you’ll have to infiltrate one of China’s most powerful gangs, and there, get the trust of the top brass.

In Sleeping Dogs you’ll witness the character’s dilemma between keeping on the side of the law or exploring various benefits of crime, in which, in fact, he is quite handy. This will be the storyline of the fantastic third-person shooter. As you can see, its high-quality graphics and soundtrack doesn’t mean that the storyline isn´t truly amazing.

Even so, if you want new adventures, you have the following downloadable contents available, to expand the game:

• Sleeping Dogs: High Resolution Texture Pack
• Sleeping Dogs: Top Dog Gold Pack
• Sleeping Dogs: The Red Envelope Pack
• Sleeping Dogs: The High Roller Pack
• Sleeping Dogs: Top Dog Silver Pack
• Sleeping Dogs: Retro Triad Pack

Sleeping Dogs started under the name True Crime Hong Kong in the famous Activision company, the creator of Call of Duty. But somewhat later, the Square-Enix company bought the project and transformed it into a masterpiece of Chinese mafias in full action.

You can’t miss this fantastic police action and violence title. Although it has a linear storyline, it reminds a lot of GTA and other open-world games, since it exploits this genre greatly. That means you’ll never run out of things to discover. Don’t miss Sleeping Dogs; download it today from Steam.

• Very good graphics
• Smooth character movement
• Open world, built in a great way
• Large number of resources with which you can interact

• The violence can be somewhat strong

Sleeping Dogs limitations:
• First levels available
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