Try to survive the horror in Slender Man! free for Android

Slender Man! is an action game for Android devices based on the horrible legend of the Slender Man.

The legend of Slender Man is one involving a faceless tall man in a suit who stalks and eventually kills its victims. From close up you can see that it has tentacles and no face at all. It uses a first-person perspective to guide the player through some woods where Slender Man lurks and gives the player only a flashlight and the ability to sprint.

In order to beat Slender Man!, the player must collect a total of 8 different notes that are hidden throughout the woods as well as an abandoned building. Each note reveals more information about Slender Man and how to survive him. Each time a note is found, the intensity and pace of the game increases, along with the horror. The goal is to collect all 8 notes without being killed.

Just to make an already terrifying game even more so, the developers decided not only to make the perspective first-person, but also to make the audio quite sparse. You can hear the character’s heartbeats and footsteps as well as the wind blowing through the trees, and nothing more.

If you want to play Slender Man!on your PC, install BlueStacks and then download Slender Man!. If you have an Android device, go ahead and download Slender Man! for Android and get ready for the most intensely creepy game ever!

Slender Man! Features:
• Terrifying and unique concept
• Excellent graphics
• Audio reminiscent of horror films

Slender Man! Limitations:
• Requires Android 2.0.1 or higher
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Type Freeware

Version 4.01

Size 21.9 MB

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