Slender: Sanatorium


Wonder around a deserted mental institution in this horror action game

Slender: Sanatorium is an extension to the action horror first person videogame, Slender. With this edition, you´re trapped inside an insane asylum filled with terror and paranormal activities.

The new Slender is based on the first Indie Slender game, which is completely free and funded by donations. All maps have their own objectives and you must complete them while avoiding the enemy. Thus, your mission in Return to Slender: Sanatorium is to find 8 different notes in a horrifying environment that will give you goose bumps.

Also, this title is based on an urban legend which consists of a mysterious anthropomorphic figure that stands up to three feet from the ground at times. This long limbs-and-face torso has no organs and is usually reflected as shadows in trees or fog to attract their prey, which are mainly children.

Walk around in a deserted mental hospital

At first, the graphics are pretty good and you can hear Slender breath profoundly as the character seems quite exhausted if you walk just a couple of meters. Also, at stages when you want to maneuver somewhere, the figure don´t play along very well. All this, adds more effects to the gameplay and some corners can get really scary.

In addition, new AI computers are implemented in this expansion, so you can expect different sounds and creatures. On the other hand, the sound is very frightening, but can get slightly repetitive at times.
Lastly, and thanks to new upcoming maps, this title is a work-in-progress as the developers are improving the game according to player feedback. So, keep on the lookout for more upcoming maps, especially Slenderman's Shadow SDK, where you will be able to create your own maps.

If you´re looking for free DLC and a game that will give you nightmares and keep you awake at night, then you must definitely try out Slender: Sanatorium now!

• Challenging levels
• Very scary action game
• New scenes
• Expansion for Slender
• Free

• Has similar gameplay as the previous version
• Sound can get repetitive
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Type Freeware

Version 1.4

Size 99.99 MB

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