Smileys for Chat


Brighten up your conversations with an assortment of fun and comical smileys!


  • Loads of different emoticons to choose from
  • Compatible with many chat apps


  • It is a bit silly and pointless!

Smiley for Chat is an app for your Android device that allows you to add smileys, cartoons, memes and a whole load of other emoticons to your correspondences!

Sometimes pictures speak so much louder than the words, Smiley for Chat is the perfect testament to that statement! This fun, and somewhat daft, app allows you to add emoticons and a random pictures so you can liven up a conversation in an instance! After all, no chat with your mates is truly complete without a picture of a terrified cat!

To use Smiley for Chat simply open your favourite chat app i.e. WhatsApp, LINE. Then click the insert image option and choose an image from the Smiley for Chat gallery. The app presents a range of unusual emoticons and from my time spent using it there is something appropriate for every type of conversation!

Smiley for Chat is not an essential app for your Android device but it is so much fun that once you’ve downloaded it, it is hard to remember how you ever had a virtual chat without it!

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Type Freeware

Version 4.4

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