SnagIt: taking a screenshot shouldn’t take an age


  • Take image and video screenshots.
  • Basic but effective editing tools.
  • Create a GIF from a sequence of images.


  • It can’t recognize characters within the images.

SnagIt doesn’t just take screenshots; it enhances them. Take still images of whatever’s currently displayed on your screen—from small selected areas to the whole thing. You can even combine your screenshots with other images.

A ton of options with SnagIt

Make specific images using screenshots with SnagIt’s wide range of tools, and share them with friends. Want to touch up something and add objects? What about messing around and annotating photos of friends? Or maybe capturing sales emphasizing some crucial details with arrows to do get a more polished report?

Everything’s possible with SnagIt. You can even capture videos and save tham as AVI files, or convert one frame into a GIF. In this way, it becomes a great utility for recording a video call or something you’re viewing online,  with audio too.

Top-quality special effects

OK, so there are loads of programs that can take screenshots. The most recent version of Windows even has an improved screenshot system called Snip, which does it all for free. That’s why Techsmith, the developers of SnagIt, have striven to provide a glut special effects; some of them are simply the boxes, borders, and shading, while others are labels and highly-detailed stickers. You can even download more features from their official website.

SnagIt is surprisingly easy to use and simple enough for beginners, whilst remaining versatile enough for more advanced users. Record what’s happening on your screen, edit it in seconds, and use the results however and wherever you want. With SnagIt, showing is way better than telling.

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Type Shareware

Version 2018.2.1 Build 1590

Size 210.69 MB

Other versions

2018.2.1 Build 1590 2018.2.0 Build 1511 2018.1.1 Build 924 2018.1.0.775 2018.0.2.662