Send images and short videos that disappear in seconds - the snappiest, safest way to share on the web


  • Fun timed photo messenger
  • Drawing tool feature
  • Snapchat stories feature lets you share content for 24 hours
  • Screenshot notifications should another user take a screenshot of your Snapchat photo
  • New font styles for added customization


  • Difficult to find friends who aren't on contact list.

Snapchat is a highly popular, free-to-download photo messaging app for your Android phone or tablet, developed by Snapchat Inc. which lets users share images and videos with other users which disappear once accessed.

Setting Up Snapchat

Setting up Snapchat is an easy process. Once you've downloaded the app, you must set up your username and your account. Once you've chosen a unique username, a code will be sent to you via call or SMS which, once entered, lets you add contacts from those using the app, and invite those who are not. Unlike other messaging services, Snapchat does not ask you for your social media information, and all contacts are added through your phone's contact list, putting you in control. 

Make it Snappy

Snapchat aims to address issues of privacy within the social media universe, and it does so with a very simple method. Masquerading as a simple photo sharing service, Snapchat lets you take photos or short videos to share with other users. 

The difference, however, is that if a photo or video is shared with another user, and that message is opened, it won't stick around for long. With Snapchat, any message opened by a user disappears within seconds, never to be visible again. This approach to sending images and other media has effectively revolutionized the way social media users communicate, allowing them to send content without fear of it spreading online. 

Whether you are the type of person that gets coy at the sight of a camera lens or you are a full-blown selfie god/goddess this application will give you hours of entertainment. You can spend hours sending daft, creative or hilarious photo messages to your nearest and dearest safe in the knowledge that these pics won't come back to haunt you. Snapchat is truly one of the most innovative and fun ways to communicate!

User Interface and Functionality

Once opened, your phone's camera will be activated. Displayed are the various buttons controlling the apps functions. To take a photo, you need only tap the grey button at the bottom of the interface. To take a video, hold down the button. Options also exist for turning the flash on or off, and reversing your phone's camera to the frontal/ rear camera. A list of your Snapchat friends is also available at the bottom right. 

How does the app work? Well, once you've downloaded Snapchat all you need to do is take a photo within the app. Once you have taken a picture with Snapchat you can really start having fun! You can add text on top of your photo and paint whatever you like using the drawing tool. Drawing your illustrations with your finger is a fun but sloppy affair, if you want to create true masterpieces with Snapchat I recommend using a tablet and a touchscreen pen. It is the best way to illustrate your artistic capabilities!

Additional Features

The beauty of Snapchat is that the messages are timed. You can enter settings in the app and dictate how long you to display your messages for.

The beauty of Snapchat is that the messages are timed. You can enter settings in the app and dictate how long you to display your messages for.

A red button at the bottom left of your screen will notify you when a new snapchat message is available. To view it, hold your finger down on the image, at which point a timer will begin counting down. Once it reaches zero, that image will disappear from your message list. The developers of Snapchat created it this way to discourage users from taking a screenshot of users' snaps.

Although this is definitely an excellent deterrent it doesn't stop nifty fingers from taking a screenshot, so to put people off doing this Snapchat includes a feature that sends you a notification if someone takes a screenshot of your snap. 

If you love snaps and think that the idea of disappearing photos isn't very appealing Snapchat also offer a Stories feature. This allows you to send a snap to your friends that is available for one and all to see for 24 hours. This can be used like a photo status to portray your mood or activities for the day, you can choose to use one pic or a series of pics.

The latest version of Snapchat also allows you to change the font of your text. Now as well as the simple small white, regular font you can also type in large, white, bold font. This fun addition has expanded the creative possibilities of this great app that thrives on jokers with active imaginations! 

Whether you're camera shy or not, Snapchat is a great app for anyone who wants to share information instantly with friends without fear of it spreading online. Its simple interface allows you to share information quickly and easily, and decide when that information disappears into cyberspace. A truly unique way to communicate. The app is free to download on the Google Play store now. 


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