Sonic After The Sequel


Reconvene with your favorite spiky blue friend in Sonic After The Sequel!

Sonic After The Sequel is a 2D platform game for your PC.

This is a real return to basics for Sonic the Hedgehog! The speedy, blue woodland creature has experienced numerous reincarnations over the year but Sonic After The Sequel honours Genesis, the first game that escalated Sonic to fame!

This is a classic platform style game, with Sonic you jump and speed through a torrent world of badniks to destroy the evil Dr. Eggman’s wicked mechanical creations.

Sonic’s adventures in Sonic After The Sequel are sound tracked by some awesome guitar based rock music that makes everything a little bit cooler!

The graphics in Sonic After The Sequel are quite shoddy, but they are meant to be that way. Retro game revivalist will love the blocky, strained graphics of the game but for others they may be too crude.


• Return to classic Sonic Games
• Great soundtrack


• Very basic graphic

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

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