Sound Forge

Sound Forge is a program that controls the editing and mastering of audios. It is a complete option for your sounds to be what you want them to.

To work comfortably, Sound Forge has designed strategic options for its use. You’ll be able to customize your screen and configuration, group windows and even customize colors, wave shapes and windows height.

Your sounds will achieve a greater fidelity and high quality with Sound Forge since you’ll be able to edit audio files in mono, stereo and multichannel. In each of these cases, you’ll be able to add more than 40 effects and processes of a professional studio, available to achieve a polished sound.

With Sound Forge the synchronization between audio and video will be precise. You’ll be able to create intense fadings, sweeps and resonating effects, as well as determine the exact sound levels.

• Large number of effects available
• Complete help module
• Real-time preview

• Limited export to formats

Sound Forge limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 10.0c Build 491

Size 2 B

Other versions

10.0c Build 491 Pro 10.0b 9.0c