SoundEngine Free


SoundEngine Free

SoundEngine Free is an innovative audio editor that will help you manipulate sounds with a great versatility and many options.

Cutting, copying, joining fragments and adding effects has never been this easy. With SoundEngine Free you’ll be able to manipulate any of the audio file’s parameters. Besides, another of its features is the possibility to record any sound clip, regardless of where it comes from: microphone, streaming, online radio, other devices, etc. Layer processing, output suppression or channel adjustments are some of its many utilities. Among other tools that it offers you, you’ll be able to correct WAVE files.

SoundEngine Free can load sound files, detect sound errors and correct these problems automatically. Once the theme, recording or song is ready, you’ll be able to manipulate the parts, eliminate fragments or embed other themes. Then you’ll be able to add numerous effects, control the volume, generate cross-fading and level waves according to the sound.

• Intuitive interface
• Can be expanded via add-ons
• Large number of effects

• Functionality surpassed by similar programs
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Type Freeware

Version 5.10

Size 4.6 MB

Other versions

5.10 4.6