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Source Filmmaker

Source Filmmaker is a video utility created by Valve, that will let you create movies from your favorite video games.

The well-known digital entertainment company created this program to animate promotional movies and videos of its games. All the clips for Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2, etc., were created with this spectacular software.

Create animated movies with Source Filmmaker from Valve

There are many programs to record video games, but Source Filmmaker Beta takes this a step further, providing you with tools to create video clips with total freedom. You’ll be able to use your characters as actors and the environment as the scenery to achieve colorful and creative movies.

Before starting to record, you need to have Steam installed. This platform not only lets you get games, it will also connect you with the community and will let you make use of utilities such as Source Filmmaker.

Once you have thought an idea for your clip, you must record a sequence of a video game match that will be the basis for the movie. Then, using Source Filmmaker from Valve, you’ll be able to move the characters, locate objects, add new items to each scene and modify the lighting any way you want. You’ll even be able to animate every character independently and change its gestures and expressions, to show emotions. You’ll be able to move cameras, zoom in and out, try out different planes and film the same scene from several angles.

Once you have the final product, you’ll be able to share it with your friends and with the Steam community members. Basically, Source Filmmaker lets you become a director and use your favorite titles’ characters as actors for your next movies.

Download Source Filmmaker for free and discover a new way to enjoy your video games.

• Lets you modify expressions
• Lets you change lighting
• Films on the basis of Valve games
• Animation is independent of the characters

• Still in beta stage
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Type Shareware

Version Beta (Steam)

Size 1.53 MB

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