Converting text into audio files is possible, with Speak Aloud


  • Wide format support
  • Can work with batches
  • Convert to formats suitable for websites


  • Dated appearance.

Speak Aloud is a practical application that lets you convert text into audio files quickly and easily. This app is able to read any piece of text on your screen—just highlight the section you want and click the button (or the corresponding keyboard key). In addition, you can convert your texts into audio formats (WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, VOX, AIFF, and even SWF), making them available for streaming on your webpage.

It’s worth mentioning that it works with texts that are found outside the utility, such as those within websites. Just indicate a section of text and let Speak Aloud read it with your preferred voice. In addition, the conversions can be made in batches, using TXT files as a base. Anything more? Well, yes. It works via command box, so you can assign tasks that the program will carry out in the background.

Finally, you should know that Speak Aloud supports SAP14 and SAP15, and lets you change the tone and speed of the voice. It integrates perfectly with any external voice library, whether it be free or licenced. Converting text to voice is a breeze with Speak Aloud!

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Type Shareware

Version 2.0.2011.201

Size 4.51 MB

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