What’s your computer hiding? Speccy will tell you.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • Easy to operate compared to other, similar programs.
  • Doesn’t take up much space.
  • Generates detailed lists.


  • Perhaps the way in which it saves reports could improve.

Speccy is a curious program, developed by the team behind CCleaner. It works simply and efficiently, so there’s nothing to worry about. Speccy can tell you the model and make of your CPU, how much RAM you’ve got, if your operating system is 64-bit, and all those questions that tend to overwhelm technical services and your geeky friends.

A full PC health check with Speccy

As time goes by, all PCs develop small performance problems that end up, in the best case, affecting speed and causing system errors. Saved files and programs, defects, caché, and other things could be affected and if you don’t carry out some basic periodic maintenance, you’ll end with some more serious problems down the line.

Speccy is an vital tool for keeping the PC in good shape and ensuring maximum performance. A analysis performed by Speccy quickly provides you with a complete report, including data regarding the key components. If something’s not quite right, it’s time to step in.

Save it

Speccy offers a mode in which you can make the most of those reports. The operation is very simple (there’s room to make it even more so). You can take screengrabs, or save the reports in TXT or XML formats, which is extremely useful for sending it to technical services, for example. We think it would be better still if you could carry out and save weekly reports in order to compare them to see any major changes within the system.

Take full advantage of your PC and improve its performance. Download and install Speccy, and with a simple analysis check that your PC’s in full health. If not, prescribe the cure!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.32.740

Size 6.57 MB

Other versions

1.32.740 1.31.732 1.30.728 1.29.714 1.28.709