Spectromancer is a card game, in the same style as Magic, The Gathering, that will keep you entertained for hours.

In this game you’ll play the role of a wizard’s apprentice, who will have to play his cards well if he wants to become a powerful master. The story is set in the country of Revnia, whose peace and harmony are threatened by a great danger. You can choose among six different types of magic to specialize, learn new tricks and spells, and add new allies to your ranks.

Once you have improved your abilities along the single-player campaign, you’ll be able to confront other mages in epic online battles. Thanks to the large number of spells and possibilities, each battle will be different. Thus, you’ll put to test your tactical abilities to take advantage of your game style against the opponents’ weak points.

But that’s not all; Spectromancer lets you create an online profile, that will show you the awards and challenges you have completed, as well as your place in the player ranking.

• Multiplayer support
• Various game modes
• Various hours of continuous gameplay
• Well-designed storyline

• Nothing to report

Spectromancer limitations:
• Restricted features
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