Add amazing color enhancements to your video projects with SpeedGrade CC for PC

SpeedGrade CC is the latest version of the popular color correction software from Adobe that allows users to add amazing color enhancements and effects to their video projects.

This nifty program features an all-new interface that has been designed for optimal use of time and resources. It is very similar to that of Premiere Pro CC in order to facilitate working with both programs at the same time. This means that the tools you need the most are up front and ready. There is also a new grading panel that includes even more controls, as well as a Media Browser and Look Manager that let you access shots and grades much faster.

Apart from the new interface, SpeedGrade CC includes many new features including Shot Matcher. This is a tool that helps you quickly match and correct the subtle differences in color from shot to shot. In the end, you will have a video project that is consistent all the way to the end in terms of the colors in the footage.

Layer-based grading is another feature designed to make your life easier. At its most basic, it lets users customize the grading layer names so they are easier to find. Beyond that, it is the perfect tool for fine-tuning things and adding custom layers for amazing visual results.

If you are wondering about what this program will offer in terms of color accuracy, you can stop worrying. Reference-quality external monitors as well as Adobe’s own Mercury Transmit assure that you correct color grades with 100% accuracy. There are SDI output cards that can be used as well to accurately view what you’ve been working on such as AJA and Matrox.

If your goal is to take your digital footage and make it look more cinematic, then this is also the program for you. The film stock emulations that are offered let you add depth and more to your digital footage. Choose from different classic film stock presets and give your footage the vintage look that you want.

Like all other Adobe programs, SpeedGrade CC is part of the Creative Cloud. This means team members can edit the same files from any device or computer. Changes are tracked and saved as the file or project is edited.

Download a free trial of SpeedGrade CC and make your video projects picture perfect.

• Redesigned interface
• New grading panel
• Media Browser and Look Manager
• Shot Matcher
• Layer-based grading
• Mercury Transmit for color grading
• Film stock emulations
• Creative Cloud integration

• Steep learning curve

SpeedGrade CC limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 7.0

Size 2 MB

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