Splice is a free PC puzzle game , in which you’ll have to create different forms of life as you advance.

Plunge into a mini-universe

Cipher Prime Splice presents you with a number of puzzles in which your objective is to achieve a specific structure. To do this you must manipulate the cells you receive in each level, seeing how they react with each other to solve the screen before you are out of movements.

At first it may seem complicated, but as you get into the game it will get easier to predict the sequences and mutations you need to finish the structure. However, you’ll need scientific curiosity to explore and experiment with the different possible combinations.

Splice presents you with over 75 unique puzzles, with various possible solutions. Try to finish them one by one or challenge your ability and solve them without getting out of available moves to achieve an “angelical” solution.

Apart from its simple and addictive gameplay, it´s worth noting Splice’s impeccable design and enthralling atmosphere. Visually you’ll be in a clean and relaxing space, floating among the different structures and levels. You’ll be able to move between the different screens and enjoy a well-designed three-dimensional look.

Another outstanding aspect in Cipher Prime Splice is its soundtrack. Each puzzle and level comes with a classical piano piece that combines exceptionally well with the fluidity of the animations. Just put on your earphones and plunge into this small universe of cells and colors.

In summary, Splice is a unique and original puzzle, with a simple but different idea and an excellent finish with respect to design and atmosphere. You’ll surely spend hours solving the different sequences, and it will seem like minutes to you.

Download Cipher Prime Splice for free!

• Simple and addictive gameplay
• Excellent atmosphere
• Very good soundtrack
• Clean and pleasant designs

• Only one game mode

Splice limitations:
• Restricted features
• Limited time use
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Type Shareware

Version Demo (Steam)

Size 1.53 MB

Other versions

Demo (Steam)