Spotify Music


The greatest music streaming and sharing service in the world, now in the palm of your hand


  • Excellent music streaming app
  • Dozens of genres and moods to choose from
  • Highly intelligent search engine
  • Create your own playlists and share them with others
  • Follow other Spotify users and expand your musical tastes
  • Minimalist and intuitive user interface
  • Artist Radio feature
  • Settings let you control how you listen including sharing options, the Equalizer and more


  • 30-second ads every three or four songs
  • Certain artists are still missing from Spotify's collection, such as the Beatles

Spotify Music is a free music streaming and sharing service for Android, developed by Spotify. Listen to your favorite artists, albums and tracks on the go whenever and wherever you want and embrace the world's favorite music streaming service. The app is available to download in its basic version here, though a premium option is available from within the app. 

What is Spotify?

The popularity of music streaming has reached rather insane levels in the past few years, specifically because its ideals have aligned with the mentality now dominating the listening population: that people should be able to listen to their favorite music anywhere, anytime, without limitations. If you find yourself starved of new music on a regular basis and wonder how your friends have it so easy, it is likely because they have discovered Spotify. The service provides access to a virtually unlimited collection of online music, all in HD quality. 

Learning to Spotify

Before music streaming services, finding new music was difficult. With Spotify, the bigger the music fan, and the greater your ambition to expand your tastes, the greater the benefits of the app. The Android version has a similar interface to its web/ PC counterpart, which is both minimalist and intuitive. A button at the top left allows you to access the modes on offer. Through the "Search" mode, you can enter specific search terms for songs and the app will find them for you. The app does not encode songs for lyrics, which is disappointing. Even so, the intelligent search bar ensures that if your specified search terms don't bring up the song or album you want, related searches most definitely will. 

If you're on the hunt for new music, we have the "Browse" mode. This offers a dynamic collection of albums, artists and songs to users with literally dozens of genres to choose from, each of which is divided into playlists organized by artist, album, mood, country and so much more. In addition to regular genres like Pop, Rock, Indie and Dance, Spotify also has music for themed events. Whether you're exercising, studying or organizing a playlist for a party, Spotify's 'mood' music is guaranteed to satisfy. For the most popular current playlists, you can filter by 'Top Lists' or 'New Releases' to start listening to quality music in seconds. Spotify's settings allow you to customize how you listen with options for streaming quality and an Equalizer for basic sound editing.

If you're looking for a less playlist-driven way to listen, there is the Radio mode, allowing you to listen to spontaneously created 'Artist' stations with tracks from a particular singer-songwriter or composer (Hans Zimmer, Coldplay, anything you can think of).  

Interactive and Social Features

The more you engage with Spotify, the more it will give back. If you like a song, you can interact with it by tapping the "+" symbol next to it which will add it to your personal playlist, known as "Your Music". If not, you can simply move on to another song by tapping the arrow key. Because of how Spotify tags its songs, each time you like a song it will remember and suggest related songs to you in the future, accessible through the 'Discover' section while browsing. This makes building playlists a simple and enjoyable exercise. 

Because of how Spotify tags its songs, each time you like a song it will remember and suggest related songs to you in the future, accessible through the 'Discover' section while browsing. This makes building playlists a simple and enjoyable exercise

As an online service, Spotify is all about connectivity. For that reason, one of its best ideas is its 'Follow' function, which allows a user to follow other Spotify users who have similar, totally divergent or just interesting musical tastes. If that user likes a song or decides to share something, you will receive a notification, providing you with a steady stream of new music. In addition, if you're a Facebook or Last.fm user, Spotify integrates directly with them and allows you to share your playlists in real time. If you don't want to share, you can enable a 'Private Session'

Spotify Services

Spotify exists in both free (mobile, desktop and tablet) and premium versions. The free version offers all of the music, playlists and everything else as described, but places some limitations on playback. Certain playlists will be randomized (shuffled), for example. 30-second ads will also pop up every few songs. For most users, though, this is not an issue. If you want to experience the full benefits of Spotify, upgrading to Premium is the way to go, offering uninterrupted listening (no ads), highest quality audio, unlimited access to all of Spotify's music, optional digital downloads for offline listening and much more. Prices vary depending on one's region, but range from between £5 to £10 in the UK (for example). 

The Verdict

Whether you're a casual listener or a devoted fanatic of all things musical, Spotify delivers. Its minimalist and intuitive interface is easy to navigate, with modes catering to all types of listener. Browse Spotify's vast collection of albums and artists, filter by genre or mood, create playlists for every occasion, whether you're on holiday, chilling out, dancing, studying, or whatever else. Find new music each day with the 'Discover' feature, which will respond to your likes and recommend new music to you continuously. Follow other Spotify users and see what they're listening to, or share your own playlists on Facebook and Last.fm. If the in-app ads are a pain, the app offers a premium subscription-based service which promises unlimited listening, digital downloads of music, highest quality audio and more. The Android version delivers the same high quality service as its PC counterpart, and syncs directly with it. If you've yet to discover Spotify, you're missing out. Download the app for free now and start listening. 

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