Stream, share and collect all of your favorite music and enjoy it endlessly with this world-famous program


  • On-demand music streaming, anytime you like
  • Dozens of genres, moods and playlists to choose from
  • Highly intelligent search engine
  • Create your own playlists and share them with others
  • Connect with Facebook and other Apple devices for better sharing options
  • Discover new music based on your likes
  • Follow other Spotify users and expand your tastes
  • App Finder for alternative listening options


  • 30-second advertisements every few songs
  • Certain artists are still missing from Spotify's collection, such as the Beatles

Spotify is a free music streaming and sharing service that provides you access to a virtually unlimited collection of online music to listen to your favorite artists, albums and tracks whenever you want, all conveniently organized and available for playback in HD quality.

The app has a highly intuitive interface with a central window containing search information, albums, lists and so on, as well as a set of menus for Spotify's various searching/ category functions.

There are dozens of genres and a catalogue of millions of songs, organized by artist, album, mood, country and much more. Whatever your mood, Spotify's themed music will help you create the perfect setting for exercise, study, parties and so on.
If you like a song you can add it to your personal playlist, known as 'Your Music'. Each time you like a song, Spotify will remember and suggest related songs to you in the future, accessible through the 'Discover' section. In the same way, skipping songs will tell Spotify you are not interested. This makes building playlists simple and enjoyable.

Also there is a Radio mode, allowing you to listen to Spotify-generated themed stations for a particular artist or genre. Much like an actual radio, the number of stations here are virtually endless.

The 'Follow' function allows a user to follow other Spotify users who have interesting musical tastes. Each time that user engages with their music, you will receive a notification about it, providing you with a steady stream of new music. In addition, if you're a Facebook or Last.fm user, Spotify integrates directly with them and allows you to share your playlists in real time.

From the 'Devices' menu Spotify you can also link your account to to iPhone and iPad. Spotify will also recommend the top music apps for your Mac in the 'App Finder' section. This is handy if you're looking for alternative playback options or looking for music which is harder to find.

Spotify exists in both free and premium versions. The free version offers all of the music, playlists and everything else as describeed, but places some limitations on playback. Certain playlists will be randomized (shuffled), for example, the user will have a limited number of song skips and 30-second ads will also pop up every few songs. To experience the full benefits of the application, upgrading to Premium is the way to go, offering uninterrupted listening, highest quality audio, unlimited access to Spotify's vast collection, optional digital downloads for offline listening and much more. Prices vary depending on one's region, but range from between £5 to £10 in England, €10 in Europe, or $13 in the US.

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