Spotify: listen to and share thousands of songs


  • Streaming means that the music is smooth and uninterrupted.
  • Great for your social network; you can share or follow friends.
  • You download other applications to improve the performance.
  • Create limitless amounts of playlists.


  • Advertising can get annoying.
  • It’s missing some key artists.

Listen to music licensed by the artists, without downloading, and always to the highest quality. These are some of the reasons why Spotify has become one of of the most popular music programs in the world.
Spotify needs no introduction. It’s recognized worldwide as one of the best music players out there. Its seemingly infinite library contains not just the classics, but also new songs updated on a daily basis. In fact, it’s news every time an old group or artist sign up to allow Spotify to hold their music.

Spotify: listen to music with permission from the artists

There are lots of music players milling around the web, but for the most part you have to sift through loads of dud versions that aren’t the version of the song you’re after, before finally finding it. Sometimes it’s not even possible to a good quality version. With Spotify this just doesn't happen.
A library with millions of song lists to browse and that, thanks to streaming technology, play with exceptional quality. All of the songs on Spotify are there with the permission of the artists, so you know that what’s there is official and is held to the same high standards as a disc album.
How much is Spotify? Absolutely nothing. It’s completely free. If we’re being honest, you do have to put up with banner ads as well as video/audio ads from time to time. These can be avoided if you pay for Spotify’s premium service, which comes at an affordable monthly cost. The cost can vary, too, depending on where you see the promotion, but it’s not more than a few euros a month.

A world of music

Can’t find your favorite artist on Spotify? Sometimes artist think that by offering tracks via streaming sites, they lose some of their profits that would otherwise be gained through CD sales or other paid services such as iTunes. The fact of the matter is that if a user can’t find a track on Spotify, it’s likely to be found on another service, like YouTube. It’s only a matter of time before musicians realize that Spotify isn’t a threat, but a possibility to broaden their appeal whilst still keeping control of their work and allowing it to reach people who otherwise would never have heard their music.
With millions of tracks ready to listen to, it’s easy to think that you won’t find any specific track, but the search engine is top-notch and can filter by artist, year or album. With some exceptions, Spotify has pretty much all of the world’s music.
Download Spotify and discover the music of your favorite artists, completely free of charge.

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