Add water reflections to images and include beautiful effects

Sqirlz Water Reflections is a design tool that will let you add interesting and pretty effects to any photograph you want.

This program’s operation is very simple. As its name suggests, it lets you add water reflections to an image. The interesting thing is that you can animate the effects to achieve a much more realistic effect.

Sqirlz Water Reflections will provide you with several customization options. For example, you can add rain or snow, a “lake”-type effect or small individual ponds and combine any of these options. You’ll also be able to select the direction of the rain or snow, whether the waves or circular or linear, and the type of animations for the reflections. Sqirlz Water Reflections will also let you adjust the perspective, sharpness, texture, transparency, the number and speed of waves, and the contrast, among other things.

Even though such a large number of options may seem overwhelming, the program is easy to use, since it includes several tutorials that explain each tool’s operation and provide examples for each effect. Sqirlz Water Reflections lets you save your creations in the AVI or GIF format, and it doesn’t use a large amount of resources.

In summary, Sqirlz Water Reflections is a fun and original tool with which you’ll be able to add nice effects to all your images. Download Sqirlz Water Reflections and unleash your creativity!

• Easy to use
• Variety of effects
• Realistic animations
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources

• Nothing to report

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Type Freeware

Version 2.6

Size 2 MB

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