SQL Server Express 2012


Handy developer tools with SQL Server Express 2012

SQL Server Express 2012 is a free version of the so called Microsoft SQL Server, which is the ideal tool for the development of desktop applications, web sites and small server apps.

Administer your database for free

This free SQL server in English makes use of the same powerful database engine as of the previous editions of SQL Server, and as with the express version, includes 10 GB of storage per database. On the other hand, this handy program has the ability to make secure backups and complete system restore in an easy way. Also, this program is compatible with all SQL Server and Windows SQL Azure versions, which in this case converts in a version that is ideal for developing small apps.

When you download SQL Server 2012 Express, you can leverage existing skills by taking full advantage of SQL Server Data Tools and existing Transact-SQL skills while incorporating other technologies. Furthermore, you can now develop applications way quicker than before through deep integration with Visual Studio, Visual Web Developer and SQL Server Management Studio. Thus, you can increase your productivity and workflow and make use of the advanced capabilities.

SQL Server Express LocalDB is a new lightweight deployment option of the express edition with less prerequisites and quick installation process. In an instant, you can use this working instrument right from your desktop. There, you can directly run this app like any other component, without consuming many system resources.

All in all, if you´re looking for a free tool to manage your databases and develop small applications and utilities, then you must definitely download SQL Server 2012 Express.

• Free database administrator
• Easy to use
• Lightweight
• Develop small applications
• Make secure backups
• 10 GB storage space per database

• Need some previous knowledge and skills to manage this tool
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Type Freeware

Version 11.0.2100.60

Size 132.33 MB

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