SRS Audio Sandbox


SRS Audio Sandbox, power up the sound of your media players


  • Virtual sound card for the computer.
  • Surround sound effect achieved by the software.
  • Predefined profiles.


  • Updates take time.

SRS Audio Sandbox is a plugin that’s compatible with all media players that transforms mere sound into an unforgettable experience. It acts as a virtual sound board that delivers spectacular sound quality when playing media files.

With SRS Audio Sandbox you can experience surround sound from the speakers using predefined sound profiles. It even has options for bringing the program’s functions to headphones and sound setups with even more speakers.

The audio performance for compressed and uncompressed files alike is vastly improved, while the low register is maximized and high frequency sharpened to great detail. This happens because SRS Audio Sandbox virtually recovers the loss of information typical of any file compression. The multichannel content, therefore, is produced confidently and the surround sound experience is fully immersive.

So what other benefits does SRS Audio Sandbox have? The sources can be mono or stereo, while the dialogue can be positioned in front of or behind the mix. Movie and video dialogue is much easier to understand thanks to the audio surround sound effects, and the simple interface lets you choose between predefined profiles. Rock, classic, jazz, or country, the latest movie or hottest series...all them are enhanced by SRS Audio Sandbox.

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Type Shareware


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