View the entire celestial sphere with Stellarium


  • 360° star-map, constellations in high-detail
  • Extremely accurate positioning of the sky’s greatest assets


  • The images could be better defined

Stellarium is a star-gazing software for your desktop, that allows you to stare up at the heavens and take in its beauty.

The application gives you as the user a lifelike 3-Dimensional perspective of the sky from wherever you are, and for a specific date and time of your liking. The program is extremely effortless to manoeuvre. You can configure and personalize much of the entire package.

With Stellarium you can change views, the sky vision, and default markings. It furthermore allows you to set which grid-faces you wish to use, and lets you toggle between different panoramic sceneries. You can scan the abyss for objects and adjust the menu to how you prefer it to look. It is exceptionally flexible software.

The bottom menu however exposes the software’s real magic. You can survey the sky and navigate the solar system using cardinal positioning. All information is revealed on the top-left corner about stars that are on-screen, and at each point on the 360° map of the celestial sphere. You can view constellations, and toggle on their names as floating labels. You can also make their lines visual and easily see the connections between the stars. If you click on an individual star, data about it is revealed.

The grids are very precise, and this allows you to find every star by location coordinates. The program also has a toggle for night-vision. This makes it simple for you to use the software on your laptop outside while examining the stars. You can zoom in on a nebula, precisely what you can do which a telescope. What is a great function is that you can jump back and forth through dates and times. For instance you can see the different stars for each season, like in winter as compared with summer.

If you love looking up at the stars you will be enlightened by Stellarium.

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Type Freeware

Version 0.18.0

Size 165.19 MB

Other versions

0.18.0 0.17.0 0.16.1 0.16.0 0.14