2D game developing has never been easier

Developing games is not an easy job. It requires many studies, knowledge, patience and willpower applied to an idea that is innovative, captivating and (mostly) entertaining. However, there is always a way to go the shortest way. In this case, the shortest path is called "Stencyl".

Stencyl is a utility to design 2D games. Although it requires some knowledge about design and programming, the truth is that it is not something you cannot learn by yourself. Stencyl has a learning curve that is not too demanding, so it is possible to start from scratch in developing your own games and see good results in just a few hours.

With Stencyl you have different modules, each dedicated to creating scenarios, characters, animations, as well as the movements and behaviors that will have each of these resources. The results will always be 2D games in high quality and flash format, which are compatible with any platform (Windows, Android phones, iPhone, Mac, Linux, etc).

It is clear that no person is born a game designer. This is something that developers Stencyl know, and so encourage community participation. What's better than getting some help when you need it? So in Stencyl you have an extensive library of resources, which are developed by others like you, but with a little more experience.

Now you know: developing a video game is not impossible as long as you put a little effort on your part and have a utility like Stencyl. Enjoy it!

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Version 3.3.1 Build 8395

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3.3.1 Build 8395