Stickman Downhill


Race at high speed and extreme incline in this amusing game for Android

Stickman Downhill is a racing-game for Android.

There’s something outrageously entertaining about Stickman Downhill. As you courageously cascade down hilltops faster than you can peddle with your skinny legs, you’ll feel seriously bad as you watch stickman crash-bang-wallop into trees, rocks and the likes.

Ride fifteen unique and authentic race bikes, from full suspension to futuristic and retro across many different tracks. With more than 70 distinguished courses, cycle across extreme heights, forests, and oceans and even through the blissful night. There are many downhill tracks, as well as those for free-rides and trials. Players get achievements for performing special stunts.

What I particularly love about this game is that stickman gets to wear many different types of head-gear. I also find his comical expression hilarious. The way he flips off the bikes is also very funny, although that being said, it’s amazingly realistic-looking. The physics of the way he and the bicycles crash is very true-to-life which makes it even more brilliant. Moreover I think the design, and the artwork in this game is superbly original.

I would recommend Stickman Downhill to anyone who loves playing fast-paced, thrilling games on their smartphone.


• Humorous, great artwork
• 15 different bikes, 70 unique tracks
• Realistic-looking physics
• Achievements
• Completely free


• Nothing noteworthy
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Type Freeware

Version 1.2

Size 32.46 MB

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