StuntMANIA Pro


Perform amazing stunts in a variety of unique vehicles in this authentic stunt-based driving game


  • Highly entertaining stunts to be performed
  • Be as spontaneous as you like with an indestructible vehicle
  • Great graphics and color schemes
  • Range of different vehicles available from SUVs to police cars to UFOs


  • Unrealistic game physics and sounds
  • Gameplay lacks longevity

StuntMania Pro is a free 3D driving game for PC (Windows), developed by Sector 3, which puts you behind the wheel of a group of indestructible vehicles as you perform a series of stunts in specially designed areas filled with ramps, pillars, loops and barriers. The game is available here as a demo version. The full version can be downloaded externally. 

Release Your Inner Stuntman

If you ever had aspirations to be a stuntman but never felt that you had the time, the inclination or perhaps the bravery to do so, this game might do the trick. Stuntman Pro takes all common tropes of driving games and forges them into a unique driving game which lets you perform death-defying stunts on a selection of courses, each sporting ramps, loops, pillars, and other features to make the experience more interesting.

Gameplay and Features

The main objective of the game is to perform stunts - the more reckless, the better. In the demo version, you are presented with a single environment and a single vehicle to facilitate this. Each environment will contain an assortment of ramps, pillars, slopes, collectible items, power-ups and other features which you are encouraged to try. As you perform more stunts, you will earn points. The number of points you obtain is determined by the air time of the vehicle, as well as how it performs in the air. More spins, loops and encounters with other obstacles will earn more points.

Each environment will contain an assortment of ramps, pillars, slopes, collectible items, power-ups and other features which you are encouraged to try. As you perform more stunts, you will earn points

Controlling your vehicle is done using the keyboard, and it is relatively simple to learn. That said, the controls can feel a little hyper sensitive at times and initially it is difficult to direct your vehicle on narrower ramps. Even if you miscontrol your vehicle, it's usually of little consequence since it will still score you some points.

The game contains three modes. Free mode offers the player freedom of movement and choice within a zone for as long as they choose. This allows you to get used to the mechanics and controls of the game in a low pressure setting. Times mode encourages the player to get as high a score as possible in a limited time. In Challenge mode, a group of collectible items will be scattered throughout the area at various heights which the player must collect by performing stunts of increasing difficulty. 

The vehicles on offer range from SUVs to trucks to army vehicles to UFOs. This offers the player a great deal of in-game diversity. While true in a cosmetic sense, however, the game lacks a realistic physics engine for such vehicles, and their individual physics don't seem all that different. Driving up a steep ramp and flying through the air will seem overly theatrical at times, with no shortage of random flips, spins and streak effects. As indestructible, your vehicle will simply land and carry on. I suppose for a game emphasizing stunts this can hardly be criticized, but in driving games a degree of realism is expected. 

The on-screen interface for the game is rather basic, containing just a speedometer and a counter for collectibles if you are participating in Challenge mode. 

Visuals, Graphics and Sound

Visually, the game is rather average. The graphics engine is fairly basic and the color schemes are ordinary. Vehicles are well colored but up close there is evident pixelation. The environments are quite well rendered, with excellent use of shadowing and light, in particular for headlights in dark areas. As for the sound, the most rewarding sound of the game is the magical sparkle you hear when you are rewarded after doing an impressive stunt. Other than this, the game replicates the sounds of car motors with slight shifts in frequency when accelerating or decelerating. However, in spite of the multitude of vehicles in the game, there is no noticeable difference between the sounds of their engines, which is not that realistic, and the frequency shifts are not that apparent. 

The Verdict

Stuntmania Pro is overall a fun driving game with engaging mechanics and a rather crazy interpretation of physics. Drive freely around a range of maps and perform amazing stunts, loops, flips and other such feats. The game's three modes and unique maps and vehicles are more than enough to please most players. Perform frantic flips and lop-sided loops all with no risk to your indestructible vehicle. In many respects, though, the game seems unfinished. While the three games modes are interesting at first, they can become a bit repetitive. Similarly, stunts themselves, while fun to look at, eventually become an exercise in randomness. Small touches of realism, including a more accurate sound engine and some more targeted physics, would make this game far better in my eyes. Nevertheless, for those who are in the mood for on-screen mayhem with no particular structure, this game is definitely worth a try.

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Version 4.2.2

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