Subtitle Workshop


Ensure you never have to worry about dodgy subtitles again by downloading the Subtitle Workshop for free.

Subtitle Workshop is a program that allow you to manage text-based subtitle files. This piece of software offers you the option of creating, editing and converting subtitle files.

When downloading movies or tv shows from the internet it can be difficult to know whether they contain subtitles or not! It is pretty frustrating if you’ve spend a considerable length of time downloading a film only to discover that there are no subtitles included, or that there are subtitles but they are in the wrong language! The way I see it, the Subtitle Workshop is an application that should be a staple on every desktop!

The program supports over 60 different subtitle formats, so you are sure to find the type you are looking for! Its interface is customizable, supports multiple languages and is user-friendly.

If you are manually entering subtitles the Subtitle Workshop helps you maintain them to a high standard by offering customizable tools including spell check, a smart line adjustment feature and a manual marking option.
Those who’ve finds that subtitles tend to move too quickly then you can now manipulate the time gap between two subtitles with the Subtitle Workshop.

The most impressive feature of this feature is the integrated video player that allows you to preview your customized subtitles alongside the video so you can ensure everything is running smoothly!


• Supports 60 subtitle formats
• Includes various customizable tools
• Integrated video player
• User-friendly interface


• Nothing noteworthy
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Type Free (GPL)

Version 6.01 r7

Size 10.68 MB

Other versions

6.01 r7 6.0a