Defeat the evil Professor Duriarti and rescue your livestock with an 'udderly' superpowered cow!


  • Strong platformer gameplay with strong parallels with the likes of Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.
  • Impressive graphics and color schemes
  • Simple controls, utilizing the directional buttons or your mouse
  • 56 levels to play
  • Loads of collectibles and power-ups for your supercow
  • Full of secrets and hidden areas for the completionists


  • No in-game tutorial or instructions
  • Poor soundtrack
  • Simplistic plot

Supercow is free platformer arcade-style game for PC, developed by Nevo Soft, in which you must help Supercow to save a farm in Happy Valley from Professor Duriarti's evil intentions. 

A Farm in Need

The story is as follows. A famous criminal named Professor Duriarti has escaped from prison. He uses his newly found freedom to seize a nearby farm in Happy Valley and capture all of its animals. Supercow decides that it's time to step in and heads off to save the day. As it rightly points out, "who knows how to save the farm better than Supercow?"

Core Gameplay and Features

The graphics in the game are rather colorful and cute, quite typical for this kind of game. Colors are rich and varied, particularly for our fabled hero, Supercow, sporting a stylish haircut and a red cape. The map screen and levels are well laid out, too. The music was not all that noticeable for me, but it wasn't a deterrent to enjoying the gameplay, either. 

Once you begin the game, you can select the first level from the map screen. Levels are laid out in a classic side-scrolling style. In-level graphics are quite impressive, in terms of colors, shading, textures and layout. The main objective of the game is to guide your supercow through a level to a designated finishing point, defeating enemies and collecting coins along the way. Level design is generally typical of the genre, including features such as floating platforms, hidden or invisible walls and checkpoints. The in-level information for levels is quite basic, too, displaying an avatar for your Supercow, his health energy, your money and the current stage and level you're on.

Controlling your cow consists of moving him horizontally across the screen and jumping over and traversing obstacles. The look is the game is reminiscent both of Super Mario-style plaformers and the likes or Sonic the Hedgehog or Donkey Kong. Enemies such as snails can be killed by jumping on them, coins collected throughout a level contribute to your overal dollar count. Other enemies include spiders, frogs, bats, crows, dogs and moles. Supercow will take damage and consequently lose a life is he is hit repeatedly by these enemies or other obstacles such as rakes. 

For the completionists, getting 100% in each level is a must! This might entail playing through a level several times, or being extra careful during your first playthrough

When you complete a level a list of information will be displayed indicating how you performed. Any coins, enemies, gems or secret areas you missed equate to a small deduction from your overall completion percentage. For the completionists, getting 100% in each level is a must! This might entail playing through a level several times, or being extra careful during your first playthrough. Because of the layered layout of levels, leaves, trees and other obstacles can cause certain smaller enemies like spiders to fade into the background, making them difficult to detect. As you play through more levels, it will become increasingly difficult to find all of the secrets in a level. In all, the game contains 56 levels

Powering Up Supercow

In addition to regular items in levels, the game also contains several power-ups for your cow. These include health enhancers such as super milk or first-aid kit and save points in the form of Deja Vu mushrooms. Returning to the map screen will display a new diary entry from Supercow, indicating his successes in rescuing livestock. 

The Verdict

Supercow is a fun and friendly diversion for people of all ages. If you're looking for a casual platformer with tried and true platformer game mechanics, this game is for you. Levels are well designed, with plenty of hidden areas and rewards to discover. Graphics are quite impressive for a platformer, with levels being laid out in a layered way to facilitate hidden areas. Enemies are easy enough to kill, but they are plentiful enough to cause problems. While the story or the soundtrack aren't that sophisticated, the game emphasizes gameplay over such features. A set of instructions for how to play would also be helpful. Overall, though, it's a fun, simple platformer with strong parallels with other popular titles such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.. Well worth a download. The game offers a free trial version for new users, after which a full version must be purchased. 


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