SuperTux is a fun platform game based on the famous and unforgettable Mario Bros.

In this application you’ll confront the most fun worlds with various enemies, which you’ll have to confront to complete the final objective. Unlike the original Mario Bros version, your character in SuperTux will be the well-known Linux mascot, the nice penguin Tux, which will have to overcome one level after another to rescue his girlfriend Penny from the grip of the evil Nolok.

This game presents multiple options to make your games more entertaining:
• You’ll have 9 enemy types, each with a different power level
• 26 worlds or sceneries
• Configurable controls
• Keyboard input
• Renewed audio in an excellent quality
• Greatly improved 2D graphics

Download SuperTux and start having fun alone or with friends, remembering old times with your video game console, this time on your PC.
SuperTux icon

Type Freeware

Version 0.3.4

Size 66.59 MB

Other versions

0.3.4 supertux-editor-0.3.0-mono-set 0.1.3 0.3.0