Surgeon Simulator 2013


Surgeon Simulator 2013

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a very peculiar simulation game, in which you’ll be in the role of a surgeon who is not very skilled.

Doctor Nigel Burke is in charge of an extremely important and very delicate operation; however, it seems that he is completely alone in the operating room. It will be his duty to successfully carry out a heart transplant, before his patient dies from blood loss. You’ll control the hands of this not very renowned surgeon, but this won’t be easy.

The thing is that in Surgeon Simulator 2013 you’ll independently control every finger of his hand, by pressing the key assigned to it. You’ll also use the mouse to move the hand over the screen and turn the wrist. Although at first this seems easy, you’ll soon discover that the controls are not very precise, and making Dr. Burke do what you want will not be an easy task.

As soon as you start playing Surgeon Simulator you’ll see how complicated it´s to adequately move the fingers and hands to use the different instruments on the operating table, and correctly holding a tool will be an achievement. You have to be careful, since your patient can tragically bleed to death if you aren’t delicate enough.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 can be difficult to control, ridiculous and even frustrating, but immensely fun. You’ll find that you’ll be addicted to the operating table, trying not to lose surgical instruments inside your patient, avoiding his lungs from flying out and taking care that the transplanted heart doesn’t fall on the floor due to the chaos in the room.

The graphics are not a strong point in this small simulation title, but the ridiculous gameplay and the pertinent sense of humor will immediately captivate you. Surgeon Simulator is currently in Steam Greenlight, looking for community support. The developers promise brain transplants and emergency surgeries in the back of an ambulance car, among other things.

If you are looking for a different, fun and challenging simulation game, don’t hesitate any longer to download Surgeon Simulator 2013 for free and save lives on the operating table.

• Highly addictive
• Good sense of humor
• Very challenging
• Original theme

• Controls are imprecise
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Type Freeware

Version 2013

Size 233 B

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