In Survarium you are part of a species that has barely survived an ecological apocalypse

Our beloved planet Earth has claimed the damage we have done for centuries. Nature comes through evolution, plants and more aggressive animals that took their righteous place, previously taken by men. In Survarium you are part of a species that has barely survived an ecological apocalypse. Men no longer dominate: time to regroup and devise a viable future for mankind.

Survarium is a first person shooter, and also an online multiplayer game, in which you develop a character in a hostile and post-apocalyptic world where only one in every hundred people have managed to survive. In Survarium everything is anarchy and chaos, and thus you must think through every movement, weigh each decision and choose your allies carefully.

In Survarium you start absolutely with no strings attached, and you'll forge your destiny based on the actions you take and the skills you develop. In that sense, Survarium has 5 areas of development: firearms management, technical skills, medical knowledge, physical training and "the art of survival." This last point is quite important, because in Survarium there are artifacts and anomalies typical of this new world, with powerful hidden secrets.

Beyond the clan you can create or which you may join, basically there are four classes of characters: "Scavengers" (travelers living on the leftovers from the old world), "Black Market" (former motorcyclists, more organized people, who believe in individual freedom), "the Renaissance army" (military, part of the old army from the USSR) and "the Fringe Settlers" (villagers living in border between the cities in ruins and the brutal new nature). Choose wisely your path in Survarium, because each character type has its advantages and disadvantages.

With stunning graphics (behind which are some former developers of the glorious S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) and several modes of play Survarium it is becoming one of the most important games of the moment. Download Survarium now!

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Type Freeware

Version 0.29

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