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Type smarter and easier with SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

SwiftKey Keyboard is a productivity app for Android devices that makes writing messages and other things easier and smarter.

This amazing app basically reads your mind as you are typing. It can predict the next word you are going to use even before you start typing it. As you use it, it also learns and adapts to your particular writing style, not just which words you are most likely to learn. It can predict how you are going to use words together. You can also allow up to three different languages and easily switch between them while still enjoying the mind-reading power of this app.

SwiftKey Keyboard lets you choose how you want to enter in text. You can use tapping, the method most people use, or switch between that and a gesture-typing feature known as SwiftKey Flow. This method is a combination of the mind-reading capabilities of the app with the simplicity of gliding your fingers across the screen. Words are suggested in real time as you gesture. You can even type an entire sentence without even lifting your finger from the screen.

Download a 30-day trial of SwiftKey Keyboard free for Android and type smarter and easier.

SwiftKey Keyboard features:
• Predicts your next word before you start typing it
• Learns how you write
• Available in 60 languages
• Allows for 3 languages to be used at a time
• Tap or use SwiftKey Flow to enter in text
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Type Freeware


Size 26.34 MB

Other versions 4.1.3