Swing Copters


If you thought Flappy Bird was hard, try this game from Dong Nguyen


  • Fun & Addictive
  • Quite the challenge


  • Can be frustratingly difficult

Swing Copters is the brand new release for mobile by infamous developer of Flappy Bird Dong Nguyen.

Similar to its retro-style predecessor, you fly a character onwards and upwards through the air avoiding the objects that could cause its untimely death. 

The game is something of a vertical platformer, as this time you move your character up through the center of the screen by his helicopter-hat. On either side of the screen there are protruding green beams with swinging hammers attached to them nearest to where you're flying. The idea is to ascend upwards through the middle of the beams without crashing into them or getting hit by the hammers. 

You control the little helicopter guy by tapping the screen. The higher you get, the higher your score! Compete against yourself for your personal best, or see if you can out-do your friends, and the world!

Swing Copters is much harder than it looks, and is likely to keep millions as addicted to it as Flappy Bird once did. Download the game to try it out and get a headstart!

Don't forget that you can also play the game on your computer with Bluestacks.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.0

Size 1.65 MB

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