Symantec pcAnywhere


Symantec pcAnywhere

Symantec pcAnywhere is a remote administration tool with which you’ll be able to control your computer from any other point that has Internet access.

This application is ideal if you commonly take work home and want to access it from the office or vice versa. It is no longer necessary for you to purchase a portable computer to be able to use your applications or access your files wherever you are. Symantec pcAnywhere will let you use any item on your computer as if you were sit in front of it.

Its operation is very simple: you just have to install this application on two computers, and you’ll be able to connect them with one another, exchange files, synchronize directories and remotely control one computer from the other. The only thing you need is an Internet connection.

Surely you are wondering about your computer’s security. With Symantec pcAnywhere this is no problem, since it protects both PCs with a reliable encryption algorithm, and you can only access the connection with a password.

Symantec pcAnywhere lets you start various sessions at the same time, and it lets you check all active users and computers from a specific tab. Navigation is very simple: you just have to click on each user’s preview to change the session.

In summary, Symantec pcAnywhere is an application that will undoubtedly be very useful for anybody who works on various computers and needs to access them remotely. Download Symantec pcAnywhere for free and start working, wherever you are!

• Secure access to any PC
• Compatible with other operating systems
• Easy to use
• Supports multiple sessions

• Some features are complex for the average user

Symantec pcAnywhere limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 12.5

Size 269 B

Other versions

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