Repair your computer using the best mechanic


  • Optimizes the system performance.
  • Noticeably increases connection speeds.
  • Contributes to a better security.


  • Nothing worth mentioning.

The computer is a very special type of machine; it’s a system that has very few mechanical parts, but one that gets worn down over time. It is, therefore, a good idea to rely on programs that help to maintain the system in good shape, programs such as System Mechanic.

The key is in the speed

One of the most important features of System Mechanic is the one that restores the computer’s speed to how it was originally. Such tasks include the cleaning up of temporary files and reduction of ‘bloatware’ —literally those programs that are ‘fed’ too much by their developers to make them more robust, but that then become ‘bloated’ as they stuffed with features that the user really doesn’t need.

System Mechanic also takes charge of emptying the browser’s caché, something that currently is extremely important, now that Chrome, Firefox, or any other similar program, consumes an overwhelming amount of resources (sometimes all it takes is the opening of the browser for the whole of Windows to freeze up). The registry is also important: System Mechanic takes on the job of cleaning and deleting obsolete entries, which contributes a great deal to the speed of the PC.

Windows startup and the online community

Something that’s interesting about System Mechanic is the way in which it deals with programs relating to the startup of Windows. In other words, those programs that automatically startup themselves at the same time as Windows. We all know that no startup process is completely smooth, especially after you’ve installed various programs on your PC, but that shouldn’t mean that your computer has to suffer and crawl along like a dozy slug.

For that reason, System Mechanic does what any person with common sense would do: consult the community. System Mechanic pinpoints the programs that startup with Windows, measures their impact on the RAM, and checks what other users say about them. In this way, it’s possible to identify common issues and whether the community suggests deactivating them or not. As you can see, System Mechanic always leaves it to the real experts.

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