Talisman Desktop

Bored with your desktop? Talisman Desktop lets you modify your desktop interface to your liking. From adding toolbars to changing your entire desktop appearance, Talisman Desktop has easy to use tools for that. It also lets you customize and add drop-down menus and panels to your Windows desktop. It has pre-set themes you can apply if you don’t want to do the tweaking yourself.

It’s easy to use too! Modifications are applied in just a few mouse clicks. It also allows you to add buttons or pictures. Plus, you can you can create your own themes and use objects to provide links to lead you to other themes. You can also customize sounds to events.

Innovative and easy to use, Talisman Desktop lets you give your current Windows desktop a make-over it needs anytime with only a few mouse clicks.
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Type Shareware

Version 3.21

Size 10.89 MB

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