TeamViewer, manage all of your computer files wherever you are


  • Distance support and remote control of computers.
  • Own set of users and permissions.
  • Security through encrypted AES-256.
  • Videoconferences and meetings with a couple of clicks.


  • Company licenses cost more.

TeamViewer is a practical piece of software through which you can access computers at home or at work remotely, manage your files and settings, and interact with whoever is at the terminal at that moment in time. It’s also capable of accessing smartphones.

Remote control, for computers

Widely used on individual computers, but fundamentally for companies, TeamViewer is a program that lets you manage any type of computer from distance. The connections maintained by TeamViewer are 100% secure and absolutely functional, as if you were right in front of the computer you’re working with.

TeamViewer is used a lot when it comes to carrying out technical support or tutorials. Alongside its ability to connect with computers, it’s also valuable that it can connect with mobiles. With TeamViewer any administrator can manage a group of company mobiles, to the point where they can even create users with different permissions.

Videoconferences and chats

TeamViewer has its own chat client. In theory the idea is to provide a way to communicate not with the computer you’re remotely connected to, but with the person at the other end of the connection. Over time, this aspect of TeamViewer has been developed, acquiring new and interesting functions. For example, it’s possible to use the program for presentations, video calls and conferences, choose the programs displayed on the shared computer, organize meetings, and assign roles for each participant.

Now; for individual use the license is free. It’s worth mentioning this, as a program with these capabilities would normally come with a cost. But with TeamViewer it’s possible to try all of its functions over a time period set by the user, and then choose a license that best suits. 

Remote control, distance support, videoconferencing, meetings. Is there anything TeamViewer can’t do? Download it and discover it for yourself.

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Type Freeware

Version 13.2.5287

Size 19.73 MB

Other versions

13.2.5287 13.1.3629 13.1.1548 13.0.6447 13.0.5640