TeamViewer QuickSupport


TeamViewer QuickSupport

TeamViewerQuickSupport is an application to control your PC remotely.

What is TeamViewer used for?

Basically, TeamViewer lets you access your computer’s Desktop from anywhere in the world and control Windows as if you were in front of the screen. You’ll be able to work from home or show your computer’s screen to anybody, just with an Internet connection.

TeamViewerQuickSupport 7 is ideal for providing remote tech support instantly; you’ll be able to see and control the client’s PC from your own computer, showing him how to solve the problem and avoiding confusing phone or email instructions. The best part is that this application is portable, not requiring installations or administrator privileges to work. It means that you won’t have to go through the complicated configuration process, and you’ll have the option of taking this program everywhere and using it when you need it.

But QuickSupport 7 will also be very useful for you even if you don’t work in tech support. For a start, you’ll be able to access your files and applications from any computer or storage device, letting you manage your things at any time. You’ll be able to update your contacts, transfer important documents, access servers and manage applications easily.

TeamViewer on Android

TeamViewer 7 will also let you control your computer from your Android tablet or mobile phone. Remember that for the application to work, both the PC and the device must be connected to the Internet: the better the connection speed is, the better will be your experience with TeamViewer.

All you have to do is install TeamViewerQuickSupport on the computer and download the application to your mobile phone or tablet. Once you have done this, go to the application on the PC, where you’ll see some access data, such as the IP address, the connection ID and the password. Then you must simply enter this information on the Android terminal, and you will have a secure connection.

As soon as this connection is established, you’ll be able to access your computer’s Desktop from your mobile phone or tablet, without any difficulty. The application will show you some icons in the upper and lower part of the screen, which let you control some actions that you normally do with Windows, but that are difficult to emulate on the phone.

You’ll be able to press the button´s image to type anywhere you need to, select the mouse icon to do a right click and access the context menu, zoom in with the magnifying glass and finally restart the remote computer with a monkey wrench. Obviously you’ll also be able to close the session at any moment or access the configuration menu from within the screen itself.

In summary, TeamViewerQuickSupport is a handy application that will surely help you in your daily work. You’ll be able to give immediate support to any client, access your files and servers, work from anywhere and even access your work from your mobile phone. Download it for free!

• Requires no installation
• Compatible with Android devices
• Easy to use
• Portable
• Doesn’t require much configuration

• Requires a good Internet connection
• Not compatible with other operating system for mobile phones
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Type Shareware

Version 7.0.14563

Size 6.17 MB

Other versions

7.0.14563 7.0.12979