The secure instant messenger for Android


  • Multiplatform messenger service.
  • Encrypted and secure communication.
  • Big collection of stickers.
  • Excellent privacy settings.


  • The advanced options aren’t easy to find.

When we talk about mobile messengers, the first example that pops into the head is WhatsApp. Without a doubt, it’s a great app. You also have to say, though, that if many of its functions were once innovative, they’re now a little obsolete. Telegram was born from this idea, and already has a huge following of Android users.

Private means private

The first thing to say about Telegram is that the developers have placed a massive emphasis on security. Nobody likes the idea that third parties could read what you say in private, and for that reason Telegram uses a cryptosystem that denies access, via any medium, to your conversations.

Something that’s very unique to Telegram is that it offers a messaging services that’s secret. It means that the messages sent from one device to another can only be seen by those devices, and if you delete a message, it will also delete from device it was sent to. The same goes for videos, photos and other files. Want more? Well you can also send messages that delete automatically as soon as the recipient reads it, and yes—those messages are irretrievable.

Not only from your mobile

Even though in this case we’re looking at the version of the app in relation to Android, it’s worth pointing out that the system is multiplatform. You can therefore access your messages in any moment, since they are stored in the cloud (apart from those that are secret, of course). Telegram has a web service and programs for Mac, Windows, and iOS, so you’ll never find yourself disconnected.

Much more than mere text

If you think for a second that Telegram message is as cold as a KGB telegram—you’re wrong. We’re not just talking about images, audio, and photos here, we’re also talking about files with sizes up to 1.5GB.

It’s also possible to send GIFs by simply typing ‘@gif’ in the text box, followed by what you’re searching for. The same goes for images: type ‘@pic’ and let Telegram find it for you. The idea is that you don’t need to have the images stored on your mobile or search for them using an external program.

Really big groups

And what about group conversations? Of course: groups of up to 200 people, and supergroups of up to 5000 people. The difference is a technical question; a supergroup centralizes its file storage and message history, and has an administration menu for more advanced members. You can also create channels with no limits to your audience. In a nutshell, there are loads of communication options with Telegram

In Telegram nothing is left to chance; discover the most advanced messenger app that considers your privacy its number one mission.

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