Telegram (unofficial)


Chat seamlessly, privately and securely with the excellent Telegram (unofficial)


  • Free, reliable messenger
  • Back-up cloud storage
  • Contains no adverts
  • Secret Chats feature


  • Nothing noteworthy

Telegram (unofficial) is a fast and free messenger application for your Android device. We all know about WhatsApp but if you are looking for a reliable alternative that promises to always remain free then Telegram (unofficial) is the application for you.

Telegram (unofficial) is bursting to the brim with communicative features that make it one of the most interesting messenger apps on the market. It provides a comprehensive group chat feature, you can add up to 100 people to a chat group with Telegram (unofficial)! Although this may result in a totally confusing and awkward conversation, think of how easy this feature will make organising events and parties. Telegram (unofficial) users will receive notifications whenever someone has responds to you personally or in a group chat conversation that you are a part of.

One of the most attractive elements of Telegram (unofficial) is Secret Chats. This feature ensures that conversations you have on the app can remain entirely private if you wish. Telegram (unofficial) will not store any information on their servers once users employ the Secret Chats option. This also lets you program your messages to automatically self-destruct on both your device and whoever you have sent the messages to. Control over your private correspondence makes Telegram (unofficial) a very useful messenger app.

If on the other hand you are a digital hoarder and are always keen to store your messages then Telegram (unofficial) offers you cloud storage. All the messages and media that you have uploaded and sent via Telegram (unofficial) can be backed up and accessed via multiple devices.

Telegram (unofficial) is a reliable, secure and speedy messenger application and best of all it does not contain ads and promised to never introduce subscription fees!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.3.1174

Size 9.41 MB

Other versions

1.3.1174 1.3.1047