TG Pro


TG Pro, the app to measure the temperature of your Mac


  • Accurate temperature indications
  • It takes control over all Mac temperature sensors
  • The files may be exported to CSV file


  • Is a bit limited in its functions

Mac equipes was originally created to work with high data proccesing platforms, so the technical requeriments had to be proffesional. Mac computers can support many weight proccesses, and for that the hardware can suffer a heatstroke if you are not controling the temperature. Do you know how? Then you should download the app we introduce you today, his name is TG Pro, and it is a useful application that will give you a preccision temperature data taken from the Macs temperature sensors.

You will know if your equipe is under risk, and if you superate a determinated heating level the cooling system will switch on to protect the system. However, if you compare with other apps of the kind you will see that TG Pro is bit far from the others features. It is not the most complete software of the market, buy it is the most accurate. What do you need?

In short words it is a great application that will inform you about the live temperature of your mac. Would you like to have this app in your Mac? Then, what are you waiting for to download TG Pro? It is a payment software, but remember what could happen if your Mac is overheated.

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Type Shareware

Version 2.18

Size 5.99 MB

Other versions

2.18 2.13 2.10 2.9.7